Red Oxide A Key Ingredient For Paints And Construction Industries

Posted by Admin on December, 26, 2014

Hematite is the commercial name but more in use is the trade name Red oxide in which it is sold and bought. This pigment available in red color is used as an important raw material and additive in many industries. This pigment occurs naturally and by chemical composition, it is Ferric Oxide (ferric oxide content is more than 90% in this pigment). You can locate Red Oxide Manufacturer in India through a proper search on the Internet. Meanwhile, it is useful to learn a few facts about the product itself.

Uses and Applications
The basic ore Hematite is available in mines and mining operation could go hundreds of meters, deep down, the earth to remove the ore. It is then transported to the processing units which make the fine red oxide powder that is then packed and shipped for commercial purposes. Red oxide has many properties, like corrosion resistance and resistance to most chemicals and also alkalis. It possesses excellent bonding quality and whether used in paints or for construction, such as flooring and so on, they last a very long period without showing cracks or other degradation.

Along with magnetite, hematite also is the basic ore for steel manufacturing. Another major sector using red oxide as its main raw material is the primer and paint industry. Red oxide primer is easily the most commonly used base paint (primer) for all types products, wood or steel before the main paint coating is done.

In several industries, especially plastics, red oxide does to function of a coloring pigment. As you come across any bright-red plastic object, you can rest assured that red oxide has been definitely used in manufacturing the product. Other manufacturing activities like paper and for applciations such as chemical analysis also, red oxide is used.

Red Oxide and the Construction Industry
As mentioned, construction segment is a major user of red oxide. Red tiles, red roofing materials and even for mixing in the concrete, red oxide use. They provide a permanent coloring solution. Builders use around 5-6% of red iron oxide in terms of volume of the concrete mix. Red oxide is also a cost-effective alternative for builders and in today’s environment conscious businesses, red oxide can actually be the choice to construct the so-called green buildings. It is usually packed in 25 Kg/50 kg packs. So look for a Red Oxide Manufacturer in Indiafor your needs.

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