Red Iron Oxide - When You See Red Think Red Oxide

Posted by Admin on November, 14, 2014

Red iron oxide, also called Hematite, is a pigment and finds wide applications in many industries. This is a naturally occurring pigment and its chemical name is Ferric Oxide, since the ferric oxide content is upwards of 90% in the pigment. As the name suggests, it is red in color and experts attribute the popularity of the red color to this pigment itself. Such is the wide variety of use and application of red iron oxide. Any Red Iron Oxide Supplier would feel excited to see the list of industries and applications this product goes into. Let us examine a few.

Uses and Applications

Among the many applications of red iron oxide powder, the steel industry itself uses it in their process. Then again, the other major sectors that use red iron oxide is the prime and paints industry. Red oxide primer is one of the most commonly used base paint for all types of products, wood or steel, before the main paint coating is done. This acts as a non corrosive barrier to the surface being painted, besides providing the paint with a strong adhesion for a long lasting effect.

In several industries, especially plastic, red iron oxide performs the function of a coloring pigment. So when you see a bright red plastic product, you can be rest assured that red iron oxide has definitely gone into the process of manufacturing the product. Industries like paper and for purposes like chemical analysis also use red iron oxide.

Construction Industry Uses Red Iron Oxide

One of largest segments where red iron oxide gets used in huge volumes is the construction industry; red tiles, red roofing materials and as a mix even in the concrete. Red iron Oxides resistant to ultraviolet rays, thus no fading occurs and they do not leach out of the concrete and are also alkaline resistant. They can thus provide a permanent coloring solution. Builders use around 5-6% of red iron oxide in terms of volume of the concrete mix.

In terms of the properties, red iron oxides are quite stable chemically and the color remains fast and does not fade and the ability to transfer its natural red color to the mix, it is added to, as seen above is seen as a great property, enhancing its extensive usage. It is quite economical in the overall context of the application. It is usually packed in 25 Kg/50 kg packs. So look for a good Red Iron Oxide Supplier for your needs.

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